capacities and measures
The container

We use state-of- the-art technology in both ships and cargo systems. Undoubtedly, the container is considered the most efficient freight packing system today, due to the significant benefits it offers to both, the user and the carrier. For this reason, its use is being quickly spread to the whole world, and so it is necessary to set international measurement/ characteristics standards.

Benefits of using containers

● Higher cargo control: reduces the number of individual bulks that are handled by certain cargo.

● Easier mobility: as we count with systems specialized in the handling and transportation of this type of packing, moving it will always be done easily and efficiently.

● Higher safety: the cargo is not directly exposed to the air, so the possibilities of deteriorating, breaking or theft are considerably lower.

● Higher economy: it is less expensive to carry a given amount of cargo in one container than manufacturing several single crates for small shipments.

Main Containers

● Dry load containers: for general dry load purposes.

● Cooled/ refrigerated container: special equipment for perishables (meat, fruit, etc.)

● Open-Top container: to be filled on its upper side (machinery, pipes, etc)

● Aired container

● Flat-Rack container

● Tank container

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